What are “the guys” up to these days you may be wondering?  Specifically, where they’re going, what they’re doing and using lately. Well, I can answer that for you very easily, nothing and everything. Some things change, and some things really stay the same, but they stay dedicated to finding joy outside of the office in big and little forms.

For John Nap- he’s always loved golf (the sport and the camaraderie) and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is WHERE he is loving it. Currently, he is LOVING West Bay Golf Club in Estero, FL. In the Estero, FL neighborhood? Ping (advanced golf joke) him anytime.

What is in Tom Schulte’s cup? He sipping on something new and fresh. Nope, not the most recent Napier Scotch batch, its espresso. He recently traded in his chocolate covered espresso beans for the real stuff- Nespresso. He is extra awake, and he’s overly caffeinated in anticipation of your next meeting.

When Alex is not a customer at his daughter Natalie’s (well-stocked and high sales volume) grocery store, Alex is reliving his glory days on the basketball court. While on Wednesdays he may be walking with a slight limp, he will tell you the shot he hit the night before makes it worth it. Like John, Alex loves the camaraderie of men’s pick-up hoops, and just like when we were all kids, sports didn’t really feel like a mandated exercise that many of us have come to dread, especially, when you had fun doing it.

Tom Fletcher is losing more sleep than usual. It is not just because of the markets though. It’s because the book he is reading is THAT good. What book is it? The Spy and the Traitor – a real life espionage/spy book.

So lastly is me, I am currently in a Cocomelon forced detox. Tessa is quite a fan of the children’s tv series, and my husband and I are literally feeling dizzy from same melodic nursey rhymes on repeat. They say Wheels on the Bus Coco Melon version has 38 million views on YouTube. I’d venture that we are at least a third of those. I will spare you the ‘Melon and offer you a great recipe, one I have been making on repeat this winter; Red Wine Beef Stew. Super easy, and delicious. The only alteration I have made is using beef broth instead of chicken broth.

So, there you have it, that is that the team and I are up to these days. If you have anything new you are into, please share, we love to receive recommendations as much as give them!

New restaurants, podcasts, recipes, an Amazon purchase, you name it, we are here for it!

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