A Different
Family Office

Spend your time the way you want to. Let us worry about the rest.

Napier Multi-Family Office preserves your wealth and your time.
We exist to work with families looking to align values and vision with assets, family, and time, under life’s inevitable set of ever-changing circumstances.

Due Diligence

Napier Family Office provides independent due diligence and oversight on asset managers and other financial professionals in your life.


Comprehensive, consolidated reporting of investments with a clear overview of all assets.

Wealth Preservation

Napier Family Office will work to ensure that your wealth is preserved, expanded, and available to transfer to future generations

Asset Flow Management

Cash and assets can flow inconsistently. Changes in wealth due to inheritance, business sales/retirements, and countless other reasons requires careful management and oversight.


Having an impact on your community is an important part of the families we serve. Napier Family Office can establish a clear donation strategy; establish and oversee charitable entities, such as foundations or trusts; and coordinate these efforts with tax professionals.

Napier Family Office is an affiliate of Napier Financial. Napier Family Office and Napier Financial are separate entities. Services provided by Napier Family Office are subject to separate agreements from those which Clients maintain with Napier Financial.

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