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Making Cents: Starting A Small Business In Retirement

Everyone’s vision of retirement is different. Certainly the idea of retirement in 2023 is different than it was in 1950. Today’s retiree is more active, with many to-dos on the bucket list and the time and resources to pursue their vision. To some that means starting a small business. Maybe it’s your hobby that you’ve…


Taking a Bite Out of the Apple

It had been years since we last visited, so a couple of weeks ago when my son was home on his school break, my family decided to take the Acela down to the Big Apple with the goal of being nothing other than tourists for a few days. It can be daunting trying to figure…

fdic logo

Making Cents: How Can The FDIC Help?

The banking industry has seen a bit of upheaval over the past week, and we’ve seen some market volatility as a result.  I’m sure you’ve seen the images of the people lining up in front of their SVB-owned local bank, hoping to get their savings back. There’s been a lot of talk about the government’s…


The Picture

I was reminded just the other day to make sure I took my phone out to capture a moment in time. Then I was quickly reminded how I could not, for whatever reason, capture a great picture of my lovely wife but I could capture a perfect picture of just about anyone else. Is this…

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Making Cents: Why Many Won’t Discuss Their Finances

Many people would rather talk about their love lives than their finances. This is a conundrum to me, but I have a few theories on what may be holding you back. The fear of confirming ignorance appears to be a riskier place for many than the complacency of innocence. For many, it is as simple as…

Dante Coppola

Introduction to Dante Coppola

The day has finally come. It is my time to adorn the mantle that my coworkers have done before me – joining the personal article write up rotation. To me, this is one of the final initiations as a member of the Napier Financial team. I am typically not one to drone on and on…

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