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My Kind of Golf

Golf has always been an interesting sport to me. I try my hand a few times every year, enjoy more than a few beers with my friends, and judge how well I do by if I finish with any of the balls that I brought.  So far…….no luck. That’s why TopGolf has always sounded like…


Disney For The Win!

Last week, Ashley and I took our two girls down to Disney for a week to spend some much-needed family time together. The trip was a blast and we had near perfect weather to accompany us, which helps. It started with our girls’ first time in an airplane – which, at that moment, was the…


Making Cents: Is Retirement All It Is Cracked Up To Be?

According to a business owner who recently failed at retirement, ‘retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be’. For this individual, it wasn’t about the money, it was about the feeling of loss once he wasn’t the boss and in control. He felt as if his purpose in life had simply disappeared. This is more…


Making Cents: Real World Finance for your College Graduate

As another college graduating class enters the real world, please use this opportunity to give them the only formal lesson they likely didn’t get in college. That lesson is real world finance 101 and how to live fiscally responsibly and within your means. There are many new grads looking for work related to their newly…


California Dreaming

What a week my wife Deidre and I had visiting beautiful southern California. We were in town for one of my cousin’s weddings and decided to go the week leading up to the wedding as a small vacation. Staying at my grandparent’s house in Vista, we certainly made the most of our time. Here is…

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