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Making Cents: What If You Can’t Work?

Many people spend a lot of time planning and worrying about what may happen to their stakeholders if they pass away pre-maturely. Stakeholders for purposes of this discussion are considered loved ones such as a spouse, partner, children and family, your fellow shareholders of the business or the clients of your business for whom you’ve…

Carnival day

Fun Day at the Carnival

Summer is in full swing, which means the local town carnivals are starting to pop up and my inner childhood rollercoaster-junkie is filling with nostalgic excitement. I remember growing up in the 90’s when my dad worked for Stop & Shop Technology, and much to my delight they had a summer Employee Appreciation Day at…


Making Cents: The Ups and Downs of Family Owned Real Estate

Some families intentionally pool their resources to make investments in real estate.  Others inherit properties and become partners, whether that was their plan or not. Either way, owning real estate with family members can be a great way to benefit from family resources or be the straw that breaks the camel’s back with respect to…

Dante Moving Day

Home Sweet Home

At the beginning of June, my wife Deidre and I finally moved into our first home in Franklin! Our entire home buying process lasted approximately six months. This included hours searching through Zillow and MLS listings, spending every weekend at open houses, making offers on the homes we deemed worthy, and having quite a few…

A Sea Shanty

Growing up on the south shore means I have some hardy seafaring friends who take the annual fishing tournament seriously (including our resident chef who comes equipped with enough homemade breakfast sandwiches to fuel 12 hours on the water.)  They arrive willingly to the docks at 4am ready to push off. Our efforts have paid…

Making Cents: Your Own Team Assessment

Just like a professional sports team, it would be a wise idea for you to review your entire team of service providers. There is no time like the present to evaluate that you have assembled the right professionals to help you keep your financial house in order. The hardest part about this evaluation is judging…

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