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tessa beach

Cat Days of Summer

Here we are, August 3rd. Approaching the ‘cat’ days of summer as they should have said! Summer is my favorite season, and in my prior years I would spend it at the beach as much as the weather would allow. I had the whole beach trip onboard and offboarding down to an origami-like science ensuring […]


Goats and Knots

When we hear the word Goat these days, many think of the word as an acronym for the “Greatest Of All Time’.  This term was made widely popular in New England as the media and fans alike began to refer to Tom Brady as the GOAT.  While he may be the GOAT in the eyes […]

Couple on Bridge

Making Cents: Transitions Shine A Spotlight On Your Preparedness

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST Now that I have decades of experience working with families and recognizing what causes many folks to spring into action, I can easily say that transitions cause the most angst. Transitions can be expected and simple like having a baby, getting married or retiring. But transitions are […]

Weiss Family Wedding

My Little Brother

FINALLY, my youngest brother Nate got married. Affectionately known to our two girls as “Uncle Nate”, he is the playful, fun loving, and jovial uncle. For those who do not know, I come from a large, blended family. I am 1 of 4 brothers (I am #3) and I have 5 step-siblings. Nate is the […]

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