As you may already know, our beloved Jenn Kovalski is having her second child in November.  She, John and her almost 2-year-old daughter Tessa eagerly await the arrival of #2.  There is a possibility that this new child will be born on the birthday of her older sister, Tessa. Only time will tell.

Effective the last business day in September, Jenn will begin her maternity leave.  Please feel welcome to send your best wishes via phone, email or however else you’d like to connect.

In the meantime, our office manager Michele Schulz will carry out Jenn’s responsibilities.  Hopefully you read the article introducing Michele and have her contact information.  If you didn’t, here it is: Welcome Michele!


Phone: 781-884-2316

We all wish Jenn a wonderful, healthy delivery and a welcome in advance for the next generation arrival for Jenn and John. By popular demand, we will share the name and pictures of baby once we get the OK.

By John P. Napolitano CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST Founder & Chairman Read More