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Black Monday 1987

Black Monday: The Anniversary Most Would Like To Forget

My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Fortunately for us, we’ve had 20+ happy years together. I’m ever grateful that I met such a wonderful person who can put up with someone like me for such a lengthy period of time. There’s another day however, that I wanted to write about. Today…

Tom Fletcher WPI

The Big Empty

It’s quiet. For a change, the bed is made, the bathroom remarkably clean, the refrigerator well stocked; crackers, chips and nuts are available in abundance, despite fewer trips to the grocery store. Our car is full of gas most of the time and we can now locate where it is parked without hunting around the…


An Uplifting Experience

A couple of weeks ago my son was shooting the breeze with one of his summer job work colleagues and learned that this guy’s soon to be father-in-law had a passion for flying helicopters. Apparently, he enjoyed taking passengers on sightseeing flights, and asked if we would be interested in joining him one day. Of…

Graduating Class

Graduation Extras

Thinking about the major events that take place in one’s life, one that stands out to me is graduating from high school. The other is being a parent of a child graduating from high school. Perhaps a third is coming to the realization that you’re old enough to have a child graduating from high school….

Tom Fletcher Truck

We’re Heading in the Right Direction

Two plus years into this crazy pandemic environment and we’re all still having to deal with Covid variants, sub variants and the continual mischief they create. My family’s taken the whole thing pretty seriously: we’ve all received the vaccines, boosters and have worn masks throughout much of the pandemic. Thankfully we’ve avoided any infections along…

Get Smart

I’m typically a late adopter, especially when it comes to technology. A dozen years ago while my wife and all my friends were enjoying the benefits of their new iPhones, I proudly held on to my thrifty Verizon flip phone. From my perspective, that phone could do most anything an iPhone could, such as texting,…

Embrace the Mess

Hey, how about all of those crazy snow/sleet/ice storms lately? Don’t you just love shoveling the 2+ feet of snow that piled up on the walk, only to have another storm dump another three more inches of ice on top of that a few days later? Welcome to New England, my friends. As they say,…

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