It was another eventful night in our neighborhood for a classic New England style Halloween. The leaves are turning, the cool air rolled in, and the streets are full of kids looking to fill that plastic pumpkin with as many sweet treats as possible. The adults mulled some cider and wagons were in full force to be that home base for whenever someone was tired (which eventually did happen).

Our house had two bumble bees ready for the big day with a Radio Flyer that had the right amount of squeak coming from the wheels. Our oldest, Natalie, was so excited to trick or treat this year she couldn’t even concentrate at the neighborhood party while our youngest, Holly, could have cared less about the entire experience. That was the theme for the day as you will see here in one of the pictures.

After only 4 houses, Holly and I ended up calling it a night early to give out candy and relax. It ended up being fun as we got to see the neighbors roll through. My favorite trick or treater was a 10-year-old boy who had boxes of cereal with knives in them… he was a ‘cereal’ killer… pretty funny! An hour or so later with freezing cold hands, a plastic pumpkin filled to the brim and an appetite like no other – Natalie comes rolling back to the house ready to take inventory of her bounty. It was at this point where I tried to explain how taxes worked but I don’t think she really wanted to listen. Instead of me rambling on about this, here are a few pictures that captured some fun moments from yesterday.

Until next time….

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