When it comes to prepping for road trips, my dad-senses truly flourish. Well before the stated time of departure (which is strictly adhered to), the car is packed, tires are full of air, tank is full, but most importantly, the entertainment for the duration of the trip is planned. What’s the entertainment comprised of? Strictly podcasts.

You may not even know it, but the Podcast app is likely already downloaded on your phone. Within that app (or others including Spotify if preferred) you have access to millions of free podcasts covering just about every topic imaginable with world-famous hosts ranging from five minutes an episode to several hours. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you can be sure that at 5pm next Wednesday evening, I will be hitting the Pike westbound, while listening to a few of my favorite programs:


Favorite Podcast for Overall Enjoyment


Jason Bateman (Ozarks, Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses…), Sean Hayes (Will & Grace, Monsters University, Hairspray) & Will Arnett (Lego Masters, Blades of Glory, 30 Rock) put out a show each week in which the three friends take turns bringing a surprise guest to then interview. Guests range from Kevin Bacon to Neil deGrasse Tyson & Eddie Vedder among others, each of whom share hysterical (sometimes racy) stories as well as words of wisdom—keeping you interested from start to finish.

Notable episode: Episode 91 – Sean, Jason and Will invite one of my favorite authors, Michael Lewis to the show. Michael discusses his previous projects and reveals how he’s navigated recent tragedy.


Favorite Podcast for Markets & Economics

We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network

For people looking for detailed economic (micro & macro) analysis with input from world famous investors, this may be the Podcast for you. With guests such as Cathie Wood, Tony Robins, Bill George, Luke Gromen and so many others, each episode draws thought provoking, often complex topics to light and their applications & opportunities to daily life and society.

Notable episode: Episode 465 – Value Investing in the Digital Age w/ Adam Seessel


Favorite Podcast for Personal Development

The Art of Manliness 

The title is satirical, as the podcast is certainly not targeting just men. Each week they produce a health and wellness-focused show. From productivity optimization to stress management, they aim to provide you with actionable strategies to improve your daily life.

Notable episode: Episode from 7/6/22: Building a Second Brain – Author Tiago Forte explains his strategy for staying organized and compiling virtually all personal processes, thoughts, to-do’s, quotes—anything you’d like to revisit in the future using technology.


Though these are a few of my favorites, I encourage you to do a bit of research regarding your interests to find an accompanying podcast—I think you will be surprised about just how informative and interesting they can be. And for everyone hitting the road this holiday season: travel safely and have a wonderful time.



By Thomas Schulte CFP® Director of Financial Planning Read More