We are finally opening our office after about 7 weeks of construction and many months of planning. Overall, everything went according to plan with only a few minor items still on the punch list. What we confirmed in the process is that as long as we have power and Wi-Fi, we can function – but all the extra attention to detail we put in the office has already made a big difference.

Part of the article today was to invite everyone to our office re-opening party on Tuesday June 20th from 2:00-7:00pm. Roll through if you are around to see the space, have a drink, grab a bite, and say hello. You can see a few of the upgrades that we have made to our space. Please email Jenn if you are able to stop by so we can have the correct amount of food and drink (jkovalski@napierfinancial.com).

The first major change you will notice is the layout. We added a lot of glass in the conference rooms and offices to provide more light to come into the office while balancing noise. This will allow the team and our guests to have a better view of the Blue Hills and have our team communicate better with each other when needed.

We also purchased new standing desks for every member of the team so we could all decrease how much we sit each day. If you go into Tom Schulte’s office, you will see he even has a balance board while he stands – it is quite impressive!

One of my favorite additions was our new kitchen. It has a large bar with a new coffee maker, fully stocked fridge and snack cabinet. While the beer and wine selection are still up for debate, we have all the other core necessities in house.

As we wait for our final items (signage, kitchen backsplash, touch up paint, …), we are in and fully operational. We are well equipped to serve the people and families we work with better than ever. We hope to see you on June 20th, and if you are unable to make it, just shoot us a note and swing by any time.


Until next time…

By Alex Weiss CFP® President & Wealth Manager Read More