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While our name and branding has changed, we are still a holistic, boutique financial planning and wealth management firm that is dedicated to serving all your financial needs.

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The Stupid Bowl

Is it my age or is the Super Bowl losing some of its luster? My friends who are Giants fans are thinking that I’m spoiled from all the Patriot’s Super Bowl appearances, and that I just can’t accept any other teams being in the big game. That is not true, I found that when my…

An Update from Out West

Despite the historic flooding, run-ins with coyotes and a 4.8 magnitude earthquake I experienced while on the phone with Dante, I am settling in nicely here in Los Angeles. The well-wishes from so many of you have been deeply appreciated and I wanted to offer an update on things now that I am here: Move…

women in business meeting

Succession Plans for Privately Held Businesses – Part III

In the last two weeks, we’ve talked about the different parts of planning for business succession.  In our first article, we talked about the operational preparations that must be made (read the article here).  Then last week, we started discussing the financial implications of business succession, including valuations of the business and any real estate…

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