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While our name and branding has changed, we are still a holistic, boutique financial planning and wealth management firm that is dedicated to serving all your financial needs.

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MAKING CENTS: Roth IRAs – A Gift to Last a Lifetime

With holiday shopping nearing its peak, maybe you can skip the lines and set your sights on a gift that will last a lifetime. Of course, I’m talking financial gifts that go beyond an envelope with a little hole in it to show the face of one of our past presidents. A gift to a child […]

Craigslist Turkey

As you read this article, I am still trying to work off all the salt and butter I consumed over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year, Ashley, Natalie, Holly, and I made the trek up to New Hampshire to enjoy a long weekend with Ashley’s extended family. That meant that we all had to pack our […]


The Podfather

When it comes to prepping for road trips, my dad-senses truly flourish. Well before the stated time of departure (which is strictly adhered to), the car is packed, tires are full of air, tank is full, but most importantly, the entertainment for the duration of the trip is planned. What’s the entertainment comprised of? Strictly […]


Making Cents: Maintaining and Disposing of Important Documents

Don’t Let Your Trash Become Some Else’s Treasure It’s a technologically influenced world, and we hear a lot about cloud computing and being paperless. I don’t know about you, but the piles of paper still seem to be there and the only way to manage that ever growing pile is to have an efficient, secure, […]


Big Winners and Big Losers

Winning is great, isn’t it!? Anyone who is remotely competitive probably has a resounding yes to that hypothetical question. I think Tom Brady once summarized some of his most successful seasons as a Patriot were credited to the fact that the team despised losing more than they enjoyed winning. On Monday and Tuesday, the lines […]


Making Cents: Using a Roth IRA In Your Estate Plan

The Roth IRA is a powerful financial tool.  Roth IRAs are a retirement account that allow for the potential growth without taxes, have no required minimum distribution and distributions are tax free if over the age of 59 ½ and the account has been open for a minimum of 5 years.  The downside to a […]

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