Last week, Ashley and I took our two girls down to Disney for a week to spend some much-needed family time together. The trip was a blast and we had near perfect weather to accompany us, which helps. It started with our girls’ first time in an airplane – which, at that moment, was the highlight of the trip for them. That changed when we finally arrived at Disney.

I could write a novel on the trip, but I will spare you all the details and keep to the highlights. On the first day in the park, it only took us 2 hours until someone spotted the classic Mickey Mouse ice cream (the one covered in chocolate) on a stick. My 10-year-old self would have been so proud as I reached in my pocket to pay for those before lunch was even a thought.

As the trip went on, our youngest, Holly, was the thrill seeker of the group as she could not wait to get on rides. So much so that she would scream anytime she had to wait in line for more than a minute. Especially on her favorite ride, ‘Winnie the Poop’ (yup, you read that correctly, she could not figure out how to say his name correctly!). Our oldest, Natalie, fell in love with the pool at the hotel, but eventually warmed up to the small rollercoasters. Next time we go I am sure we will graduate to something more substantial!

The true winner for the girls were all of the characters that showed the true Disney charm and experience. Both kids were in shock that some of their favorite characters would say hello, sign an autograph, give a hug or even a high-five. From Moana to Olaf and everything in between.

What I underestimated was the amount of time our kids wanted piggyback and shoulder rides. Not only did we walk 10+ miles per day, but most of it with a child hanging on us (even though we had a double stroller in tow!). Fortunately, we were training for this prior – but still was exhausted at the end of each day.

In place of writing more, here are a handful of pictures to share from our time away.

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