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MAKING CENTS: Roth IRAs – A Gift to Last a Lifetime

With holiday shopping nearing its peak, maybe you can skip the lines and set your sights on a gift that will last a lifetime. Of course, I’m talking financial gifts that go beyond an envelope with a little hole in it to show the face of one of our past presidents. A gift to a child […]

Craigslist Turkey

As you read this article, I am still trying to work off all the salt and butter I consumed over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year, Ashley, Natalie, Holly, and I made the trek up to New Hampshire to enjoy a long weekend with Ashley’s extended family. That meant that we all had to pack our […]


The Podfather

When it comes to prepping for road trips, my dad-senses truly flourish. Well before the stated time of departure (which is strictly adhered to), the car is packed, tires are full of air, tank is full, but most importantly, the entertainment for the duration of the trip is planned. What’s the entertainment comprised of? Strictly […]


Making Cents: Maintaining and Disposing of Important Documents

Don’t Let Your Trash Become Some Else’s Treasure It’s a technologically influenced world, and we hear a lot about cloud computing and being paperless. I don’t know about you, but the piles of paper still seem to be there and the only way to manage that ever growing pile is to have an efficient, secure, […]


Big Winners and Big Losers

Winning is great, isn’t it!? Anyone who is remotely competitive probably has a resounding yes to that hypothetical question. I think Tom Brady once summarized some of his most successful seasons as a Patriot were credited to the fact that the team despised losing more than they enjoyed winning. On Monday and Tuesday, the lines […]


Making Cents: Using a Roth IRA In Your Estate Plan

The Roth IRA is a powerful financial tool.  Roth IRAs are a retirement account that allow for the potential growth without taxes, have no required minimum distribution and distributions are tax free if over the age of 59 ½ and the account has been open for a minimum of 5 years.  The downside to a […]


Making Cents: Estate Plans Are Not Only For The Elderly

When the topic of estate planning comes up, it is often in the context of saving taxes, making gifts, protecting assets and discussions of incapacity.  Naturally, the most interested audience for these topics are those over age 50 or those approaching retirement. But estate plans are necessary for anyone who has the possibility of getting […]

Making Cents: When Your Own Success is an Impediment

The day the Queen of Soul died, I jokingly asked “I wonder what type of mess she left for her heirs”. At the time, the comment was truly in jest, but sure enough, just like many before her, it appears that Aretha Franklin died without a will. Why would someone do that is the big […]


Greetings from Sunny Florida… NOT

As many of you may already know, I am in SW Florida. Not just anywhere in SW FL, but ground zero to the worst hurricane induced catastrophe in US history.  And yes.  It is as bad as you’ve seen, heard or viewed on the news. The good news is that I survived, thanks to my […]

Making Cents: The Dumbest Estate Planning Moves

Rarely does a day go by where I don’t hear of an estate planning blunder that could have been easily avoided. These plans sound great when you make the dumb move. You need to know that your error shall survive until you don’t – and then things can hit the fan. Most common is the […]

Black Monday 1987

Black Monday: The Anniversary Most Would Like To Forget

My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Fortunately for us, we’ve had 20+ happy years together. I’m ever grateful that I met such a wonderful person who can put up with someone like me for such a lengthy period of time. There’s another day however, that I wanted to write about. Today […]


Celebration Month

October is one of the busiest months of the year for our family as we have almost a dozen birthdays to celebrate. And this year, we decided to pack in a few more celebrations because we wanted to really make sure we had cake, ice cream and cookies every day in October without looking for […]


Making Cents: Selling Your Home Is Not Easy In Any Market

They real estate market may be starting to cool, but many people are considering selling their home.  While this may still be a good time to do so, consider these important factors before getting swept up in the market. First, answer the question of where to go. It’s one thing to get your price, but […]


Mia and The Beast

Jordan’s buzzer-beater in the ’89 NBA championship, Tyree’s Superbowl helmet catch in ’08, Woods’ ‘05 chip-in at the Masters, my brother in-law’s surprise gift of a puppy in ’17. Arguably my four favorite ‘Hail Mary’ attempts of all time, with three out of four of them being successful. Let me explain. As I’ve led on […]


Making Cents: A Thoughtful Approach to Philanthropy

We all receive those same email, telephone or direct mail solicitations from a charitable organization asking for a donation to support a needy group. It isn’t easy to say no as the solicitors are well trained at pulling your heart strings to get you to open up your wallet. But a better plan is a […]

7th Annual Napier Financial Jimmy Fund Golf Classic

Thanks to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts for The Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute!  With your help, we’ve raised close to $80,000 for the research of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in honor and support of Mike Aizenstadt. We had a great day on the golf course last Friday!  Take a look at some […]


Making Cents: Unexpected Financial Treasures

We all eventually clean out a closet or basement, and find things that we forgot about and deem useful or valuable. From a financial perspective, the same process may also yield unexpected treasures. The living proof of this is your state’s unclaimed property list. In Massachusetts, it is estimated that one in 10 residents have […]


FundrAIZing Impact

We are approaching our 7th Annual Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament which is set for this Friday. This year we are fundraising for the research, treatment, and cure of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in honor of Mike Aizenstadt.  We are often asked to donate to various charities and fundraisers throughout the course of the year, and […]

Tom Fletcher WPI

The Big Empty

It’s quiet. For a change, the bed is made, the bathroom remarkably clean, the refrigerator well stocked; crackers, chips and nuts are available in abundance, despite fewer trips to the grocery store. Our car is full of gas most of the time and we can now locate where it is parked without hunting around the […]


Making Cents: Getting Your Financial House In Order

There is a big difference between knowing what to do and then doing it. Take a look at the health food and diet business and how it is booming. It’s not like people can’t learn what to do on their own – but making a routine out of tracking intake and sticking to an exercise […]

Napier Team Alba

Labor Day 2022

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!  The Napier Financial team is squeezing in some fun in the last days of summer…                                                            

Mike Aizenstadt

7th Annual Jimmy Fund Golf Fundr’Aiz’er

Asking someone for money isn’t fun or easy for me.  But then I recognized three facts thanks to my friend Mike Aizenstadt who invited me to a Jimmy Fund Golf DFCI fundraising event 8 years ago. I have never met a family that was not impacted by cancer The Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) uses […]


Making Cents: Acquiring Large Sums of Money

Whenever the purse of any lottery game gets large, more tickets get sold. Most people realize that your odds of winning are no greater with one ticket or 20. But if your numbers ever do come up or you suddenly have money or assets that you didn’t have yesterday, these are some of the steps […]


A Matter of Months

Twenty-four to thirty-six months ago I would have argued that we were in the midst of the golden age of Schulte Family vacations. We had ten fun-loving individuals all above the age of twenty-one who thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Our days were spent on the beach and our nights were spent playing games to […]

business partners

Making Cents: A Small Business With Partners Needs A Plan

Many businesses with more than one owner operate for a long time. If one of the owners decides to check out, however, then all of the gaps that existed during your partnership will become exposed and possibly cause damage to someone. The situation may be different for each type of check out.  One can check […]


An Uplifting Experience

A couple of weeks ago my son was shooting the breeze with one of his summer job work colleagues and learned that this guy’s soon to be father-in-law had a passion for flying helicopters. Apparently, he enjoyed taking passengers on sightseeing flights, and asked if we would be interested in joining him one day. Of […]

Making Cents: How Much Life Insurance Is Enough?

I’ve never heard anyone say that the death benefit check that they cashed from the passing of a loved one was too big.  On the contrary, there are way too many situations where there are foundations and community fund raising efforts to help those who clearly had too little. So the big question is, how […]

couple on beach

Making Cents: Talk With Your Spouse About Money

Whether you have more money than Elvis or aren’t sure that you can retire, keeping either spouse in the dark about material financial issues will eventually be a problem. I’m not saying that you’ll be headed for divorce court, although money is frequently a root cause of marital disharmony. In the case where your family […]


PMC Weekend

PMC is short for the Pan-Mass Challenge. Just like our Jimmy Fund golf tournament, this is another charity event focused on raising awareness and money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Unfortunately, cancer has affected all of us directly or indirectly during our lifetimes. This weekend I had the great honor of watching both my brother (Nate) […]

tessa beach

Cat Days of Summer

Here we are, August 3rd. Approaching the ‘cat’ days of summer as they should have said! Summer is my favorite season, and in my prior years I would spend it at the beach as much as the weather would allow. I had the whole beach trip onboard and offboarding down to an origami-like science ensuring […]


Goats and Knots

When we hear the word Goat these days, many think of the word as an acronym for the “Greatest Of All Time’.  This term was made widely popular in New England as the media and fans alike began to refer to Tom Brady as the GOAT.  While he may be the GOAT in the eyes […]

Couple on Bridge

Making Cents: Transitions Shine A Spotlight On Your Preparedness

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST Now that I have decades of experience working with families and recognizing what causes many folks to spring into action, I can easily say that transitions cause the most angst. Transitions can be expected and simple like having a baby, getting married or retiring. But transitions are […]

Weiss Family Wedding

My Little Brother

FINALLY, my youngest brother Nate got married. Affectionately known to our two girls as “Uncle Nate”, he is the playful, fun loving, and jovial uncle. For those who do not know, I come from a large, blended family. I am 1 of 4 brothers (I am #3) and I have 5 step-siblings. Nate is the […]

Weekend Warrior Trips

By: Thomas W. Schulte, CFP® If last summer was the Great Reopening, what do we call this? I, like the other 334 million Americans, have been on the road to visit new places with friends & family. I traveled roughly 125 miles south of Boston then 125 miles north of Boston over two weekends to […]

What To Do With Your Elder Parents’ Home

The strategy of gifting the family home to the next generation as your parents mature is fraught with possible pitfalls. Yes, it may save the home’s value from being consumed for long-term health care issues, and in the end, that may or may not matter. Consider the case where the home is your parent’s major […]

Graduating Class

Graduation Extras

Thinking about the major events that take place in one’s life, one that stands out to me is graduating from high school. The other is being a parent of a child graduating from high school. Perhaps a third is coming to the realization that you’re old enough to have a child graduating from high school. […]


Best Day Ever?!

My neighbor and her family recently purchased a suite at a Red Sox Game to celebrate her mother’s 70th birthday. Her mom is a lifelong fan and had only been to one game back when she was a child. So, 25 family members, (yes, 25!) treated her to a day at the park in a luxury […]

business partners

Partners Are Good Until They’re Not

Most partnerships are forged because people want to work together. There may be a little more to that in some cases, as in one has the capital and the other has the knowledge or business acumen. But generally, unless you inherited something with someone else, partnerships should be based on an amicable relationship with a […]


Right Now, Internet Security is More Important Than Ever

We have seen a lot of credit card fraud over the past few months. While I don’t know who to blame, what I’ve gathered from the News reports is that since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, hackers have been working overtime to target the USA. They may be Russian hackers, or professionals being paid by […]

cool shades

Lemonade Stand

With the unofficial first summer weekend behind us, you can start to feel the change in the air. The grass is green, the smell of the BBQ surrounds us, and the good ol’ neighborhood lemonade stand is open for business. With our first ‘normal’ summer in front of us since we moved to Westwood, I […]


A Hub for Stubs

My fiancé, Khrista has the nostalgia-gene. Several times a week she’ll dig up old pictures and videos from years ago for long walks down memory lane. In a similar, but different vein, I’ve been known to be a hoarder of sentimental, tangible items. In the mid-1990’s I was given a red zippered pouch with the […]


Hello From The (M)Other Side

Adele said it best, and in this case I’m saying Hello from the (M)other side. Six months ago, my husband and I welcomed our daughter Tessa. They are not kidding when they say kids turn your life upside down in the most exhausting and rewarding ways possible. The Team did a great job holding down […]


Making Cents: Financial Discussions for Newlyweds

Is it just me, or does it seem that it is always peak season for weddings? If one were allowed to give a financial toast to the newlyweds, here’s what I’d say. Money is the root of all evil, but like any tree, a good root system is essential for anything beneficial to happen. Have […]

Making Cents: The Financial Side of an In-Law Apartment

Elderly parents whose children are willing to allow them to live in their residence are lucky. Although I’m not sure that everyone involved in this arrangement agrees with me. There are at least three or more people that have to embrace this concept for it to be a success. For family harmony to work well, […]

florida to boston

Watching Spring at 75 MPH

As you may know, one of my favorite hobbies is caring for trees and shrubs. I love to plant them, trim them, feed them and watch them.  Call me nuts, but that is one of the ways that I find joy outside of work. Each year, I sit here in New England and ask… “Where […]


Making Cents: What’s The Cost of Retirement?

When it comes to retirement, the big question is how much you’d like to spend and whether or not that is sustainable.  There are crazy myths or rules of thumb touted to help determine your retirement needs, but don’t believe them.  The only way to know what your retirement years will cost is to spend […]


Welcome Back, Jenn!

It is officially official, Jenn is back helping the team and clients as of this past Monday, April 25th. For those who did not know, Jenn and her husband welcomed their daughter, Tessa, on November 10th last year. It’s hard to believe that in just two weeks Tessa will be 6 months old! Oh, how […]



As I’ve shared with you all before, my father and I are quite competitive. Golf and basketball are no contest in my favor, Scrabble is not a sure-thing for him anymore, and even his suffocating grasp on Progressive Rummy (or as we call it ‘Greg’s Game’) is relinquishing. His last safe haven and my final […]

graduation cap and books

Financial Tips For The College Sendoff

Are you sending kids off to college this fall? Whether this is your first trip with the car packed up or your child’s last year packing and taking herself off to college, consider these discussions and tips for helping them thrive in college. Talk to them about income and expense budgets. Some kids are paying […]

Noise, Noise, Noise

There are not many slow news days in Washington. The broadcast and print media are all fired up for 2022. This year has noise on a lot of levels.

Tom Fletcher Truck

We’re Heading in the Right Direction

Two plus years into this crazy pandemic environment and we’re all still having to deal with Covid variants, sub variants and the continual mischief they create. My family’s taken the whole thing pretty seriously: we’ve all received the vaccines, boosters and have worn masks throughout much of the pandemic. Thankfully we’ve avoided any infections along […]

Making Cents: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Life revolves around relationships. Your family, friends, co-workers and those who serve you. Changing a relationship after any long period isn’t easy. But changing a professional relationship that you’ve maintained for years is even harder to do. After all, the incumbent financial professional knows a lot about you and may have served you well at […]

Cheap Private Air Travel

If you love to travel, you know the pain of the airport experience: the security lines, the delays, the crowds. Flying private is a great option to avoid these issues, but has historically been prohibitively expensive. Insider has published a list of 6 options for flying private that could be less expensive than you might […]


It’s A Girl

A week and a half ago (one week early) the newest addition to the Weiss Family arrived. Her name is (drum roll please!)…. Holly Parker Weiss. The entire experience was once again a reminder of just how amazing Moms are and the multitude of different physical/emotional challenges that they go through to bring a child […]

Noise, Noise, Noise

The broadcast and print media are all fired up for 2022. This year has noise on a lot of levels. Taxes, interest rates, Russia, Ukraine, China, Mid-Term elections, Climate Change, Pandemic, Variants, housing prices, immigration and our borders, the supreme court, redistricting congressional seats and a whole lot of other typical political stunts that resurface […]

Making Cents: Treating Your Personal Finances Like A Business

When it comes to your financial life, it really is like a small business of its own. Your finances have income, expenses, risks, taxes, assets and liabilities. There are some things that you can control and others you can’t, but this wide array of moving parts needs to be treated like any well run business. […]


What The Shed

It appears that spring has arrived here in New England, well, at least most days. I still have that uncomfortable feeling that a snow storm is still around the corner as I vividly remember back in the mid-90s when we had the April Fools blizzard. It still haunts me to this day. Anyway, spring turns […]

Spring Is Sprung

Forgive me for potentially jumping the gun, however, I am pleased to announce that spring has officially sprung. I left my apartment without my winter jacket for the first time since October this morning and if I am reading my weather app correctly, the high temperatures for the next ten days range from 50 – […]

Making Cents: Fake News About Your Finances

The term ‘fake news’ has been spouted, jousted and used quite a bit in the past couple of years. At its root, we all want to believe news and other statements made allegedly on fact. But when it comes to financial issues, there’s plenty of fake news being delivered every day by unknowing or unscrupulous […]

Get Smart

I’m typically a late adopter, especially when it comes to technology. A dozen years ago while my wife and all my friends were enjoying the benefits of their new iPhones, I proudly held on to my thrifty Verizon flip phone. From my perspective, that phone could do most anything an iPhone could, such as texting, […]


How Low Can You Go

I’m not talking about stock markets, the Limbo or being a bad person. I’m talking about Geography. If you’ve been reading this for a while, you may recall that about 7 years ago, Joan and I went to Africa, and in that trip we visited the Cape of Good Hope.  Close to, but not quite […]

Making Cents: Internet Security While Traveling

The topic of Cyber Crimes has crept into our daily news and lives. Even for those who claim that they don’t go online for sensitive data, especially financial data, still have reasons to be concerned.  Just because you choose not to look at your bank or investment accounts online doesn’t mean that the information isn’t […]

Making Cents: Term Life Insurance Reviews

Many people buy their life insurance and then don’t think about it until the next premium notice arrives. Even if you’re in the early stages of a 20 year term policy that was to replace income for the premature death of a young parent, there may be issues for you that were not addressed by […]


Preparation is in full swing as we get closer to the due date for baby #2. We are getting the new room set up, pulling out all the baby stuff from the basement, and trying to mentally prepare as best we can. One person that always needs an extra shout out is my amazing wife, […]

A Different Path

Back when I was a young pup at Napier (then US Wealth), circa fall 2016, I found myself in a bit of a tizzy. During my morning routine I received a text from Jenn (also in a tizzy) reminding me that it was Alex’s birthday. Since I had only been on the team for a […]

Making Cents: Retirement-Phobia

I’m not sure that there is such a word, but it’s clear that many experienced workers entering their 60’s begin contemplating retirement. Whether it’s brought on by the social security clock ticking, retirement rules where you work or just the desire to see what life could look like without work. I see two main types […]

Making Cents: Diversification or a Scattered Mess

Many investors know the concept of diversification. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, spread your risk, own a little bit of everything… These are some of the words we hear from families whom we politely refer to as a scattered mess. That scattered mess may be organized, in that you’ve got great […]

Embrace the Mess

Hey, how about all of those crazy snow/sleet/ice storms lately? Don’t you just love shoveling the 2+ feet of snow that piled up on the walk, only to have another storm dump another three more inches of ice on top of that a few days later? Welcome to New England, my friends. As they say, […]

Golf Goals

If you follow these pages, you know that I am a very average to below average golfer.  But for some reason, I enjoy being outside and hitting that little round ball, even if it doesn’t go where I intended it to land. In 2022, my objective is to play at least once per month in […]

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