This seems to be the year a lot of people are getting married! Just in our office alone, Mr. Tom Schulte is getting hitched in October and Mr. Dante Coppola ties the knot in December.

Ashley and I seem to get invited to at least one wedding every other year given how large our families are. This year, however, we have been invited to eight! Yes, 8! I feel like I am in my late 20’s again but I can promise you that I am surely not. How do I know this!? Well, we went to a joint bachelor/bachelorette party this weekend for Ashley’s younger cousin and we just couldn’t hang.

The good news is we are seeing a lot of different parts of the country (none of the wedding are in Massachusetts). Recently, we went to a wedding at the Roger William Botanical Garden in Providence, RI. It was a really awesome venue and it got even better after the sun set and the live band cranked up the volume. The most unfortunate part of the entire experience was that our hotel room A/C wasn’t working and we didn’t get a restful night sleep which we were banking on since we did not have the kids with us. Go figure!

While fitting in weddings in Aruba, California, Maine, Rhode Island (again), a few vacations/long weekends, some big family birthdays – it is going to be quite a busy summer! While we balance activities and down time, we will still enjoy our ice cream, lobster rolls, and lemonade stands. If you have any fun suggestions for local activities for kids 15 months and almost 4 years old, we are all ears!


Until next time….

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