As you may know, one of my favorite hobbies is caring for trees and shrubs. I love to plant them, trim them, feed them and watch them.  Call me nuts, but that is one of the ways that I find joy outside of work.

Each year, I sit here in New England and ask… “Where the heck is spring”? My impatience and anticipation each spring seems to wipe out the last 65 years of memories that most trees really don’t go into beautiful bloom until mid-May on the chilly shores of Scituate.  I know that, but I conveniently forget that each spring. Except this one.

This one was different because we were in Southwest FL for most of the winter. As a result, we started seeing evidence of spring down there as early as February.  I bought some annuals, including my favorite herbs and they grew magnificently. I find the taste of fresh herbs in cooking second to nothing else I can do in the kitchen.

In late April, we started the slow tourist-like drive back north, with many pit stops for sanity and to visit clients and friends. As it relates to spring, it was déjà vu all over again (Thanks Yogi) and it was like seeing spring burst out in a time lapse video.  Every couple hundred miles the scenery would change slightly while the trees and landscape were in various stages of coming to life. It was fascinating to see it all in just a few days.

We went from full bloom to newly leafed trees, to trees in various stages of budding and then eventually to the bare trees of the Irish Riviera (one of Scituate’s many nicknames). Now I can tell you that my spring anxiety has lessened because I’ve already seen spring… four times already!

I’m not sure that we will drive to FL next year. I’m hoping to find a reliable 7 passenger vehicle to leave down there for our guests and family to use, but that isn’t likely to happen until next fall. So because of that, I’m thinking that next year’s return North won’t happen until mid-May so I can completely get rid of my “where’s spring” anxiety.

Play Ball!

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