Is it my age or is the Super Bowl losing some of its luster? My friends who are Giants fans are thinking that I’m spoiled from all the Patriot’s Super Bowl appearances, and that I just can’t accept any other teams being in the big game. That is not true, I found that when my team was in it, the stress and anxiety of watching the game went up… and mitigated what may have otherwise been a fun game usually watched with friends in a festive setting.

But in the last few years, it seems like the hype is bigger than the game itself.  Who really wants to spend 4+ hours watching a sporting event that is actually played in 60 minutes? I think it is funny that so many people think that the commercials are worth the wait.  I don’t understand why people who spend the rest of the year using your DVR so you can watch your favorite shows without commercials sit glued to the screen to watch commercials.  But on Stupid Bowl Sunday, the media hype con many into looking forward to the ads.  Not me. If I had my way, I’d mute all the commercials and wisely use that time for a rest room break and another cookie.

This year in particular, I had enough of the KC duo, Mahomes and Ma-auto.  Now add to that mix an ultra-heavy dose of Taylor Swift, and I was ready for bed by halftime. That seems to be the ideal time to go to bed as the half time show is mediocre at best.  I believe it is a waste of time and money for the sponsors and it ruins the vibe of the players because the half time festivities take so long.

Next year, maybe I’ll volunteer to watch my grandchildren so their young parents can go enjoy a Stupid Bowl party with their young friends.

While I’m losing my lust for the Super Bowl, I discovered that there is a much worse sporting event that also attempts to draw you in with hype.  That is the NBA All-Star game, clearly the worst show on earth.

Go Bruins!

By John P. Napolitano CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST Founder & Chairman Read More