A recent social media post by one of our great clients talking about an advanced training she received regarding building a better business reminded me just how important lifelong learning is to all of us.


In our profession, you are nobody if you are not committed to lifelong learning. In fact, I write this from Dallas, TX where Alex and I are attending a quarterly workshop dedicated to building an enduring firm. The purpose is to build a firm that continues to attract great talent; people that want to be here forever to build the firm that was designed to serve families for generations across a broad range of difficult and ever-changing topics and situations.


This lifelong learning includes over 200 hours per year for me in the form of workshops, conferences and reading. I truly believe one of the things that differentiates Napier from the pack is our passion to always be better at what we do. I personally love this profession because the only thing that is constant is change. Whether it is from markets, laws, policy or family facts and circumstances; no two years or two meetings are ever the same.


On a separate note, I’m told by our great team that many of you are wondering how I am doing since the Hurricane Ian flood damage that Joan and I received. I am personally touched and greatly appreciative of your thoughts. The short answer is we are almost finished with our re-build, expecting grandchild # 7 in August, and looking forward to spending the summer in Scituate starting in late May.


I’m hoping to see you this summer, whether on the golf course, a fishing boat or our favorite bar and grill!

By John P. Napolitano CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST Founder & Chairman Read More