While I enjoy travelling abroad, I am recently reminded of the beauty and grace of the many places to visit in the USA.

A business trip combined with a little pleasure, I have had the opportunity to touch all four corners of the USA.  The itinerary over a 4-week+ period went like this.

Boston – Nashville – Florida – Dallas – Los Angeles – Oregon – Washington – Boston – FL

While each place had its high points, Joan hopped on the journey in CA where the good times started to roll. The high points for us were the Schulte wedding in Santa Monica, CA and the Pacific Northwest.

You’ve already read and seen the evidence of the amazing Schulte wedding, so let me talk a bit about the PNW.

Our PNW journey started in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The stunning coastline was highlighted by roaming herds of Elk and Haystack Rock combined with a Nantucket style little village.

From there we went to the Columbia River Gorge, which is Gorgeous! A few days looking at the tons of river activity, eating fresh Salmon and breathing in the amazingly clean air.

Last, but hardly least, was our time in Vancouver, WA.  On the other side of the Columbia River across from Portland, OR. Yes Portland OR is weird and I was skeptical. But I must admit, amongst the nicest people I’ve ever met and a food scene that makes Boston feel like it is still in Colonial Times. From holes in the wall to retail storefronts, every meal was outstanding and simply unlike anything we have seen in NE.

And if the food wasn’t enough, we were lucky to spend much of our PNW journey with our daughter Julia who is going on her 10th year at a PNW resident, outdoor enthusiast and all-around great kid. Sadly, for us, she couldn’t be in a better place… but at least we have a very cool place to visit! We will be back.


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