I am having vivid flashbacks to high school and college, so real, it has me sweating and glancing at the clock constantly.

It’s 9pm and I am writing my personal article the day before it’s due. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say (hah!) it’s just that I don’t know what to say. I already wrote the Seinfeld article that was about nothing and everything, so I can’t do that again.

Some of us on the Napier Team struggle with topics. Tom Fletcher has the most visceral reaction when he’s informed it’s his turn to write. Truthfully, I fear this moment as much as Tom. I do find his panic ironic though. He’s literally one of the most interesting people I know, my own Dos Equis man! If you tell John Nap it’s his turn, he doesn’t sweat a second. He is always calm, cool and collected and will produce some magic word doc almost immediately. Alex will actually volunteer; he always has something to write about (but that’s because he has more hours in a day than Beyoncé, which to my calculation is at least 34/a day, I swear). Tom Schulte is a toss-up. He keeps a bank of topics to reference but often has a moment or two of panic.

I too make an effort to actually track topics when I think of them, little antidotal things. Then I go to reference such topics and I either have zero recollection of what the heck I meant when I wrote “déjà vu” or I lack inspiration. Not having a topic to write about the real déjà vu!

So here’s where you come in, some of us need your help!

What do you want to see in our personal articles or newsletter in general?

What do you want to know more about or read? Do you like to see what we are reading, watching, where we’re traveling and adventuring?

Do you like some of our nostalgia pieces or life events? We have team members all over the place, trying new things, from golf clubs, to restaurants, to recipes and beyond. So please, drop us a note of what you want to see more of or even less of!

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