Here is the Holiday Gifting Inspiration list for 2022. I feel the need to always say that the Holidays are obviously not about giving and receiving gifts, however the majority of us do exchange gifts with those we love around this time of year. It can be stressful when you do not know what to do! For some people, gifting is their love-language and they go nuts! For me personally, I love being as creative as I can and get something unique and special for those on my list. Now if nothing jumps at you from this list, and you need more ideas, give me a shout, I love brainstorming new ideas! Here is my annual gift giving inspiration list as well as two of the most regrettable gifts I have ever given…


Brics backpack: this is a great option for a commuting bag or diaper bag. Diaper bags have TOO many pockets, it’s like sorting through a Russian doll to find a diaper!

Golf Club Prints: You can order a golf course map of their favorite course. For anyone trying to decorate (or control the decoration) an office or man-cave, these are pretty cool.

Meater: It is becoming more inexcusable to not have our grilling and meat cooking down pat. Plus, the name is genius.

Customizable Christmas Book featuring the Dog: This is a cute book featuring your beloved canine. Very cute for bedtime stories for the kids and grandkids!

Lettuce Grow: A hydroponic, year-round (indoor or outdoor) garden that is way cooler (and bigger) than the infamous Chia Pet. They say no green thumb needed.

Ellsworth and Ivey: Great sweaters that have a personalized touch.

Gurnet Gyotaku: You can order a print or commission a piece, and they are awesome. Handmade in Duxbury, MA, please tell them Jenn sent you!

Curling at Pelham House: The Pelham House is a newly renovated hotel on Cape Cod. They have an excellent restaurant(s). They are offering indoor curling this winter for groups of 8 people. For those who like gifting experiences, this should be a good one!

Chappy Wrap: A local business that has high quality blankets/throws or wraps with beautiful and stylish patterns.

Inflatable Life Jackets: Safety First! While more expensive than traditional life jackets, if it means boaters wear them, I would say that’s a win.

Oura Ring: For the fitness and health minded people. It’s a step beyond the Apple watch or Fitbit. I do not have one, but I have a few friends who love theirs. It monitors sleep, activity and recovery more in-depth than anything else out there.

Helly Hansen Jackets: super warm and super dry! Great for skiing, outdoor activities, boating etc…


Most regrettable gifts I have ever given:

  • Sound Bar: it’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s that it does work. I gave one to my beloved husband a few years ago, and when it’s on, it’s not like we are at the movie theater, it’s like we are THERE. ON the field with the rest of the Patriots. AT the table with the rest of Goodfellas. Or my LEAST favorite, at any sort of battle re-enactment scene from the History channel. Proceed with caution and earplugs.


  • Ball Pit: I gave one to my best friend’s kids for their Christmas gift, with the 200-ball option, rationalizing that 100 balls per kid should be sufficient for any proper ball fight. I recently got a message that she “cannot wait to give Tessa HER numerous gifts this year”. We have no room in the house for a ball pit. Payback can be a tough pill to swallow.
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