As many of you may already know, I am in SW Florida. Not just anywhere in SW FL, but ground zero to the worst hurricane induced catastrophe in US history.  And yes.  It is as bad as you’ve seen, heard or viewed on the news.

The good news is that I survived, thanks to my neighbors, Dave and Carolyn for opening their second-floor home to me. Looking back on it, the scene was surreal.  At about 2 PM I was on the phone making light of the possible storm surge, when only 30 minutes later the power was out and water had risen about 3 more feet providing evidence that the surge was real and getting worse.

By 4 PM when high tide had peaked, I had 18” of water in the house and 4’1” of water in my garage. To get the facts straight… the townhouse was completely remodeled late last year with all brand new furniture. The car had 294 miles on it and my decked out 6-seater golf cart 17 hours on it.  All were a total loss.

As so many of you have reminded me, stuff can be replaced.  And while that process is slow, we will eventually get there.  Sadly, there are countless families who are completely devastated and in a real bad place – much worse off than us.

Thank you for the heart felt messages.  They really did help get me through and I appreciate every one of them.

Allow me to remind you that we have new phone numbers for text messages.  Mine is 781.884.2390.  Please use that for all text correspondence with me. Due to the regulation in our profession, all text messages must be reviewed, monitored and archived. The system is clunky, but eventually I will get the message.  The best and my preferred way to get to me is still a call or email, and neither of those have changed.  Of course, you can always call any one of the talented team members at Napier to get to me.

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