We are approaching our 7th Annual Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament which is set for this Friday. This year we are fundraising for the research, treatment, and cure of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in honor of Mike Aizenstadt. 

We are often asked to donate to various charities and fundraisers throughout the course of the year, and we often do, not knowing what exactly is done with that money. Here is a story of how a fundraiser came full circle… 

In 2014 my cousin ran the Boston Marathon, and her assigned fundraiser was for some DFCI doctors breast cancer research project. In 2020, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive and rare breast cancer, and that very doctor she fundraised for was now one of her lead physicians. 

One of the many scans and machines DFCI utilizes detected the smallest amount of cancer on my cousin’s hip bone. It was so small; it would have been undetectable in years prior. It was revealed to her that her exact fundraiser she participated in 2014 had coincidentally helped fund the equipment they were using that day. A total game changer. 

I tell you this because of how impactful your donation is actually at Dana Farber. 89 cents of every dollar is for care, treatment and research. It may have taken a few years to manifest and an unlucky twist of fate, but her contribution to a fundraiser in 2014 helped save her own life. 

This brings me to our 2022 FundrAIZer for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in honor of Mike Aizenstadt. Mike is and has always been one of the Jimmy Fund’s biggest champions. We know that the best way to support Mike through his own diagnosis is to show love for DFCI and The Jimmy Fund. 

To know Mike is to love him. He is one of those “guys”, the larger-than-life kind. 

It would be pretty cool, one day, a few months or years from now, to be able to say that The 7th Annual Jimmy FundrAIZer in 2022 totally changed the game for Mike and all AML patients. 

We are so grateful to those who have generously donated. If you would like to contribute, please click here. 

By Jenn Kovalski Client Relations Associate Read More