Making Cents: Suddenly Bad News

We should all have our affairs in order as if tomorrow is our last day. If all of a sudden your doctor told you that you had advancing dementia or stage 4 cancer, your thoughts would be all over the place. As you pass from anger to reality, your mind eventually wanders to financial matters and…


Making Cents: Professional Skepticism

When I was trained as a rookie CPA candidate in the late 70’s, the term professional skepticism was first introduced to me. What it means is that we should not accept all stories at face value. In the accounting world, it goes even further to mean that one should corroborate or validate through examination and…

Black Monday 1987

Black Monday: The Anniversary Most Would Like To Forget

My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Fortunately for us, we’ve had 20+ happy years together. I’m ever grateful that I met such a wonderful person who can put up with someone like me for such a lengthy period of time. There’s another day however, that I wanted to write about. Today…

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