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Office Construction Begins!

We have been planning for the last few months to update our office space, and the day is finally here. Our office has not been updated in a decade, so we are very excited to give it a fresh look. On Saturday, the demolition crew will begin taking down a few walls, ripping up the…


Making Cents: Starting A Small Business In Retirement

Everyone’s vision of retirement is different. Certainly the idea of retirement in 2023 is different than it was in 1950. Today’s retiree is more active, with many to-dos on the bucket list and the time and resources to pursue their vision. To some that means starting a small business. Maybe it’s your hobby that you’ve…

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Making Cents: 401K Trustees Need To Pay Attention

If you own a business, you may have been named as the trustee of the retirement plan when it was established.  The trustee of a retirement plan is responsible, in short, for just about everything. In the 401K sense, that trustee is not responsible for selecting the investments for each and every participant.  But that…

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Making Cents: Selling Your Small Business

In today’s financial markets, hardly a day passes without news of one major acquisition or another. Selling a business is easy when the economy is good, interest rates are low and companies are looking for a way to deploy capital. But what about your small business? According to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, firms…

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Making Cents: Getting Your Business to the Next Generation

Most businesses in America are small businesses. A large portion of those small business are classified as family business. Family businesses can range from those run by siblings, cousins or other relatives and those that may have a multi-generational situation. A common goal is to keep the business in the family. The odds are against…

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Making Cents: A Small Business With Partners Needs A Plan

Many businesses with more than one owner operate for a long time. If one of the owners decides to check out, however, then all of the gaps that existed during your partnership will become exposed and possibly cause damage to someone. The situation may be different for each type of check out.  One can check…

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Partners Are Good Until They’re Not

Most partnerships are forged because people want to work together. There may be a little more to that in some cases, as in one has the capital and the other has the knowledge or business acumen. But generally, unless you inherited something with someone else, partnerships should be based on an amicable relationship with a…

Noise, Noise, Noise

There are not many slow news days in Washington. The broadcast and print media are all fired up for 2022. This year has noise on a lot of levels.

Making Cents: Treating Your Personal Finances Like A Business

When it comes to your financial life, it really is like a small business of its own. Your finances have income, expenses, risks, taxes, assets and liabilities. There are some things that you can control and others you can’t, but this wide array of moving parts needs to be treated like any well run business….

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