Here we are, August 3rd. Approaching the ‘cat’ days of summer as they should have said! Summer is my favorite season, and in my prior years I would spend it at the beach as much as the weather would allow. I had the whole beach trip onboard and offboarding down to an origami-like science ensuring a successful, relaxing day at the beach with everything one would ever need easily carried in one trip. Fast forward to now, with my (adorable) 10-month-old daughter, and the day at the beach now looks like some sort of chaotic, desert scavenger hunt that I never signed up for.

I thought I would throw out a few suggestions for those of you who also travel there with (or without) these mini high maintenance people to make life a little easier (and more fun)…

The Beach Cart– this will carry everything you need. I just found one at HomeGoods for 60% off.

The Water Proof Baby Carrier– this is a waterproof carrier for the baby, freeing up your hands.

The Coolest! a Beach Hose– kids will love playing with a hose that pulls water right from the ocean.

The Shibumi Shade– I know people swear by these, though I do not have one. Smartly, they work WITH the wind, not against it.

The Ostrich Chair– this is the most versatile and comfortable chair.

The California Beach Co. Tent– this is idiot proof. First off, it’s SUPER simple to pack, unpack, and set up. Unlike other “user friendly” tents, it did not make me feel like Steve Urkle at the beach.  It also can be used instead of a ‘pack and play’ if you order the inflatable/deflatable ‘mattress’ which is great for traveling.

The Oyster Bag or Bogg Bag (I’m partial to the Oyster Bag)- these are very sturdy and can sift out    the sand and you can take a hose to them to rinse everything off.

The Yeti Cooler– This keeps everything COLD, COLD, COLD. Nothing compares.

If you have any cool beach gadgets and gear, please let me know, I would truly love to hear it. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

By Jenn Kovalski Client Relations Associate Read More