Winning is great, isn’t it!? Anyone who is remotely competitive probably has a resounding yes to that hypothetical question. I think Tom Brady once summarized some of his most successful seasons as a Patriot were credited to the fact that the team despised losing more than they enjoyed winning.

On Monday and Tuesday, the lines were long, and millions of dollars were spent, and people waited anxiously for a result. And man, there were some big winners yesterday, and some big losers….

I am talking about Powerball. The lottery drawing was strangely delayed on Monday due to technical issues, forcing the results to Tuesday. The record $2.04 billion dollar prize had many folks trying all sorts of things in attempt to have the winning ticket.

My husband and I texted our families asking who was game for participating in a family pool and headed to the local convenience store to buy our tickets. While there, we saw two of our neighbors trying their luck too. Both had family pools going as well utilizing two different strategies. One plays “special, meaningful” numbers. The other, deploys family members living in different states to each buy a few, trying to use a wide location range as their edge.

I do not know how they made out, but both neighbors went to work today at the usual time, and their kids hopped on the yellow school bus. But, guess what!? WE WON! $8 bucks to be exact. Please respect our privacy as we do not know where or what we are going to do with it once it’s divided among the 14 participating family members.

Every time one of these type of lottery things comes around, its always fun to imagine what one would do with an instant cash prize of that magnitude, despite how unlikely it is to occur.

I do think there is something true about manifesting and positive thinking for good things to happen; even for things like a lottery winning. However, I think the missing piece with all of the positive intentions is putting one’s nose to the grindstone and working towards it.

So, back to the grindstone my neighbors, 14 family members and I go.

By Jenn Kovalski Client Relations Associate Read More