Robert Napolitano

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Winter Is Coming

That doesn’t usually invoke people’s warm and fuzzy side ‘round these parts – and by March I know I will be singing a different tune as well.  All jokes aside, my family has had a pretty great run since Labor Day, and in my opinion the best (Thanksgiving) is yet to come.  This year my crew…


The Dog Days Of Summer

We’re halfway there… it surprises me every time, but August 1st has come and gone.  My family has managed to pack a lot of fun in thus far – and there’s no slowdown in sight! I will admit, the weather has been a bit odd.  Rain, or at least its forecast, has been a damper;…


Budgets Be Damned!

Sometimes you must throw caution to the wind, release your inhibitions, and let the devil on your shoulder grab the reins for a moment.  We have all been there, and most of us have great stories to share because of it.  As young parents that tends to take on a more docile meaning than it…


Introduction to Rob Napolitano

I would like to use my first personal note as an opportunity to formally introduce myself; Who am I?  What am I doing here?  And most importantly, what on earth was it like growing up with John as my Father? I’ll start with the basics. I am Rob Napolitano, the newest member of Napier Financial. …

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