The days are getting long, and summer is inching closer.  Memorial Day weekend is only days away, serving to many as the annual kick-off to summer.  By now everyone has a handful of their summer weekends spoken for, and it always feels like time is on our side.  We have time for barbeques with family and friends, lazy beach days listening to the waves rolling in, pool days, a round of golf, fishing with a buddy… you name it! 

This summer the Nap clan will have a little extra family time with the fourth (and final, I promise) child joining us in mid-July.  I will get to play with the older kids for a few weeks while we adjust to life with a newborn and find our bearings as a family of six.  I am looking forward to the little moments that will fill our memories – riding bikes in the neighborhood, playing on the swings, running through the sprinkler – we won’t have to go far for barrels of laughs.  Sure, I hope we make it to the cape, or lake Winnie, and enjoy plenty of boat days, but when we replay the “memory movie” of Summer ’24 I don’t think that’s what will fill the screen.  

It is fitting that this holiday serves to kick-off the summer while reminding us that sometimes it takes huge sacrifice to enjoy the simplest joys in life.  This is your call to action – have a memorable Memorial Day.  Enjoy every moment this summer.  Labor Day will be here before we know it! 

By Robert Napolitano Managing Partner - GenWel Capital Read More