A little over 5 years ago, I wrote to you with excitement about expecting our first grandchild.  Everything about that has been exciting including today’s first day of kindergarten. And while she was growing, she had the pleasure of witnessing the birth of two brothers and four cousins. For those good at math, yes, that means 7 grandchildren for Joan and me.

The most recent birth was less than a month ago.  Logan Hugh was born in August from Parents Laura and Craig. He and Mama are doing great, even taking a few short road trips to enjoy what remains of summer and her maternity leave.

We are honored to have all 7 grandchildren live within a 10-minute drive and love the fact that we get to see them often. We are equally flattered by all the questions that I get from you, our loyal clients and friends, about life with grandchildren. In short, it is busy, tiring and a lot of fun.

The boys now lead the girls with a 4-3 edge in quantity, and for all that I know this could be the final count!  In Chronological order, we have:

Ellie, age 5

Blake, age 3.5

Jack, age 3

Cassidy, age 2.5

Skylar, age 1.5

Grayson, age 1

Logan, age 1 month

These parents have their hands full.  It sure gives us perspective once again on just how difficult it is to raise a child.  It is more than a full-time job.  So, to all you parents and grandparents out there, congratulations!  You are doing the world’s most noble work on top of earning a living, saving and squeezing in some fun!

Nap Grandkids 8 Nap Grandkids 7 Nap Grandkids 6 Nap Grandkids 5 Nap Grandkids 10 Nap Grandkids 9

Nap Grandkids 1 logan Logan and Joan skylar Nap Grandkids 4 Nap Grandkids 3 Nap Grandkids 2


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