Alright, I may be in the miniscule minority here, but who else does not mind shoveling snow?? Cue the cricket noises. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather not have snow to shovel at all. Especially when I do not receive any help in this department. However, it’s not that bad.

What I enjoy most about shoveling snow is the calmness and peacefulness of the whole setting. Going outside early in the morning with a blanket of fresh snow lightly covering the landscape. Some snowflakes are still falling around you. Very few people using their snowblowers or driving by, not disrupting the stillness in the air. The monotonous physical labor of shoveling the snow allows your mind to wander. The reward of a warm cup of hot chocolate to heat you up when you’ve completed the job. It’s just a man and his shovel against the accumulating snow during a storm in a picturesque New England suburb.

I guess the culmination of all the above brings up some nice memories of growing up. And I do look forward to owning a house soon to continue the calm task of shoveling snow. The serene quiet of a cozy, snow-covered town in the wintertime is one of the peaceful images that will relax and soothe me… Now, where has all that peaceful snow been this winter??


By Dante Coppola Financial Planner CFP® Read More