It appears that spring has arrived here in New England, well, at least most days. I still have that uncomfortable feeling that a snow storm is still around the corner as I vividly remember back in the mid-90s when we had the April Fools blizzard. It still haunts me to this day. Anyway, spring turns my interior home projects to the exterior (which is not my forte). The big thing on the list this year is to replace the all-important shed.

Let’s start with the current shed. It was left from the prior owner in really terrible shape. It was a plastic, musky smelling, bug covered, poor excuse for a shed. We had plans to get rid of it last year but it never happened. Why might you ask? Well, because … life. What I realized is I just need to dedicate some time and get rid of this thing. That moment happened this past weekend and this shed didn’t take much time nor effort to rip apart. In all of 10 minutes it was in pieces in the yard and just needed to be put to the curb for trash pickup. It felt good to do some demolition!

Replacing the shed comes with more questions than answers. Do we need a bigger one? Do we need one at all? What will live in the shed? Should it compliment the house or match it perfectly? I had a shed growing up and I remember the bee’s enjoying it more than I did – how do I prevent that from happening? The right question is what was in the shed prior. It was the house for the lawn mower in the winter, snow blower in the summer, and a few pieces of scrap wood. And if we are functioning well without a fully utilized shed, do we even need to replace it?

For now, no shed. But as we continue to collect ‘stuff’ for the house and outdoors I am sure I will buckle soon. If someone would like to call me and give me the sales pitch on why we really need a shed I am all ears. Just because it was the old way of doing thing doesn’t mean it has to be the same way going forward. Always a great take away for financial planning and life in general.

Until next time….

By Guest Author