It is officially official, Jenn is back helping the team and clients as of this past Monday, April 25th. For those who did not know, Jenn and her husband welcomed their daughter, Tessa, on November 10th last year. It’s hard to believe that in just two weeks Tessa will be 6 months old! Oh, how time flies.

For now, Jenn will be working limited hours and will ramp up more over the next few weeks/months as everyone at her house adjusts to their new lives. You can still count on her perfect handwriting, diligent follow-ups, and reaching out soon to plan time to connect with our team.

My favorite story from Jenn thus far was about how she and Tessa have already lost items on the side of the road. Have you ever been driving and see what is seemingly some person’s entire life’s possessions on the side of the road? Well, Jenn joined that exclusive club a few times over, most notably losing Tessa’s only toy that doesn’t make an obnoxious noise (aka Jenn’s favorite toy). They went out all together as a party of three on a beautiful day and came back as a party of two. Jenn scoured the sidewalks obsessively waiting for the remaining snow piles to melt in hopes of recovering “Mr. Shrimp guy”.

Please feel welcome to email Jenn to welcome her back, she will be thrilled to hear from you.

Until next time…

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