After a 7-month hiatus to care for her newborn baby girl (Brooke), Jenn is coming back to the office part time. She will be working a handful of hours each week and focusing her time on our Jimmy Fund Golf tournament (Monday, September 23rd) and helping to improve our systems for a better overall client experience. Jenn will also be writing some handwritten cards so be on the lookout (if you know, you know)!  

 Jenn still has the same email and phone number ( or 781-884-2327) if you wanted to reach out and say hello. For our newest clients, Jenn has been with the firm now for 10 years and has been a part of what we do each and every day. Her passion is to help other people and always be warm/welcoming when you reach out for a question.  

Jenn has shared some funny stories about bringing Brooke home, how their oldest daughter (Tessa) has adjusted. But instead of stealing her thunder, we wanted to share a few pictures:  

Jenn's Two GirlsJenn's Baby in Cute White Dress

Jenn's girl, Brooke


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