It feels to me that everything travel related is back in full swing. It really started earlier this year and ramped up in the summer. Airports are full, highways are busy, and hotel prices are up (if available at all!). I have had a little travel myself over the past few weeks, with my first stop in Aruba to celebrate my dad’s wedding. He married my now stepmother, Kris, on the beach with a small family gathering and it was quite amazing. I have only been to Aruba once prior, and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t want to brag… but I will take this opportunity to do it… 

I did shoot a 42 when we golfed 9 holes with my brothers. I do golf, I am not great, so a 42 for me is as good as it gets. And the best part is that they were not my clubs! Rentals! My brothers were pretty aggravated at how well I played. As all golfers know I will revert back to my average play soon enough. Instead of me telling you all about Aruba, I attached a few pictures that captured the few days away.

As I write this article, I am on my way to Dallas for our quarterly educational conference. Then off to LA for a few meetings, some real estate due diligence, and then to celebrate Mr. Thomas Schulte’s wedding! If you do email or call Tom regularly, please feel welcome to reach out to me or anyone else to help you with immediate issues. We asked that he take his email off his phone for his wedding so he can focus on making that experience all about him and his soon to be wife (as we all want for ourselves). You will see that in his out of office message if you forget about this article and email him in the next week plus.  

Until next time.. 

Golfing with Nate and Josh
Left to right. Nate, myself, My dad, Zack then Josh
From Left to Right
Zack, Nate, My Dad(Mike), myself, and Josh
My Dad, Mike, and now step mother, Kris. Post wedding cruise
Me and Nate
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