I was reminded just the other day to make sure I took my phone out to capture a moment in time. Then I was quickly reminded how I could not, for whatever reason, capture a great picture of my lovely wife but I could capture a perfect picture of just about anyone else. Is this just an issue in our house? Or can others relate. Let’s break this down.

The phone doesn’t seem to be the issue since we both have nearly new iPhones. The users also have about the same baseline technology skill sets. So what is it?! I think it is time and pressure. I am someone that tries to live in the moment and not have my phone out for everything. When I am asked to take a picture – I move too fast and then I panic click to try and get anything/everything captured in the frame. What I constantly forget is to slow down and set up the perfect frame.

When I have time on my hands, as I did in this picture of Natalie’s toy, I can get a pretty solid picture together. Ashley joked that I have taken better pictures of these silly toys then I have of her since we got married. Yikes! Am I the only person with this issue? Or is this an issue everywhere?

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share the terrible pictures I have taken as of late – but I will at least share a few favorites.


Natalie working at the grocery checkout.
The Bluey Family


Until next time….

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