We’re halfway there… it surprises me every time, but August 1st has come and gone.  My family has managed to pack a lot of fun in thus far – and there’s no slowdown in sight!

I will admit, the weather has been a bit odd.  Rain, or at least its forecast, has been a damper; but we haven’t let it stop us yet!  We have had pool days at the South Shore YMCA, enjoyed time at Lake Winnipesaukee, and even been out on a boat in Scituate when the weather crews would have sworn up and down a washout was coming.

With plenty more on our calendar we will enjoy the second half of this summer to its fullest.  In fact, we have more action-packed weeks and weekends headed our way than the first half.  I’m going to cut myself off here and simply share the highlight reel … but rest assured I will have another action-packed update with smiles on my kids faces that could brighten anyone’s day (I’m biased… but it certainly brightens mine.)

Ellie and Jack at the South Shore YMCA.

Roasting marshmallow’s on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Ellie Napolitano (Rob’s daughter) enjoying her day at the beach. Pure happiness!

Grayson on the dock.

Rob and his family in the water at the lake.

Rob and family on the beach.

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