As a few of you have kindly pointed out over the past week, I’ve had a greenish tint to my already pale skin. I am on Day 5 of COVID quarantine and hating every second of it. Thankfully the symptoms have been rather mild, but it’s being locked down in this godforsaken apartment that is truly taking its toll. More specifically, it’s the realization of how much clutter and ‘stuff’ is packed away in this tiny room that is driving me mad. My newfound solution? Sell it all!

While I’ve tangoed with online marketplaces as a buyer, I haven’t sold much outside of sneakers in my junior-high cafeteria. However, the amount of clutter laying around my space has made me a rising star on eBay. In the past few days I have listed a printer, Peloton screen, boots, several pieces of clothing, golf clubs & bag, board games, among other things, most of which are receiving bids and several have sold.

Who’s buying this crap? you may ask. I don’t know & I don’t care! All I have to do is print a pre-populated, pre-paid mail label and stuff the item into any sort of mail-worth vessel—and viola, it is out of my apartment!

Why elaborate on this topic? A very frequent, non-traditional financial planning question/issue that arises, particularly during the sale of the family home (or a hinderance to wanting to sell the home), is around having too much ‘stuff’ and not knowing where to begin. Now eBay is certainly not the right solution for this, however it is a step in the right direction. Everyone has an oddball item or two that is doing nothing more than taking up space. With eBay (or the various other similar platforms), it’s as simple as snapping a few pictures on your phone, checking description boxes and dropping the item off at the nearest post office.

What will I do with this windfall of cash? Sadly, I plan to pay off a disgustingly high Uber-Eats bill from my COVID takeout stint. But like I said, I’m just happy to declutter as easily as possible.

By Thomas Schulte CFP® Director of Financial Planning Read More