Forgive me for potentially jumping the gun, however, I am pleased to announce that spring has officially sprung. I left my apartment without my winter jacket for the first time since October this morning and if I am reading my weather app correctly, the high temperatures for the next ten days range from 50 – 70 degrees. Not too shabby! With freedom from miserable weather, I have been thinking about the activities that I’ve wanted to do for years that I have never actually made the time for. I have no intentions to leave the city anytime soon, but I figure I should cross these off the bucket list to ensure I get a chance to experience them before it’s too late. Below are the ‘Big 3’ I will prioritize:

Play bocce ball in Langone Park

Bocce Ball may be the single most underrated game in existence. Even though my foot is still scared from the handle of my rinky-dink set breaking, which caused the entire metal-enclosed game contents to land below my big toe, I have a soft-spot for the ancient backyard game. Tie this wonderful activity to the beauty of the newly renovated Langone Park and voila—I anticipate a lovely day. For those of you not familiar, Langone Park is located on the waterfront of the North End in Boston. Along with the brand new bocce courts there are baseball fields, basketball courts, and picnic tables to enjoy the scenic views of the harbor & city. Regardless of your interest in bocce ball, Langone Park is well-worth a visit.

Evening kayak on the Charles River

My Syracuse is showing with this one. Though very touristy, kayaking the Charles has always seemed interesting to me, but not enough to actually go make a day of it. However, upon an evening cruise on the Charles last summer (provided by the Charles Riverboat Company—which I highly recommend) I saw that there is a booming community of evening/dusk kayakers. The kayaks are lit up with either lights around the perimeter and/or a glowing arch from bow to stern. Seemingly each kayaker was equipped with a portable speaker and/or instrument (mostly guitars) that they’d play as their kayaking partner rowed. As they made their way closer to the harbor, groups of kayaks would link up with good views of the lit up skyline and good company. I see myself thoroughly enjoying something like this.

Eat my way through High Street Place

After a 3.5 year delay, Boston’s newest indoor/outdoor food hall is finally open at 100 High Street. Differing from Quincy Market (which I have also ate my way through on multiple occasions), High Street Place offers common and restaurant-specific seating throughout its 20,000 sq ft space. My goal is to eat at least two unique meals with a beverage or two in between and a Blackbird donut for dessert.

Though unfortunate, the fact is that we have a relatively short window for certain activities in New England. With that said, I urge you to share the activities you’d like to do in the coming months with friends & family and set dates to do these things. We owe it to ourselves after the seclusion we’ve experienced over the past two years.

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