About a month ago while at my Nonna and Nonno’s house for Sunday dinner, Nonno approached me with a very specific request; to order him an electronic meat slicer. For a normal grandfather request this may seem odd, however, nothing surprises me when it comes to my family and food. I’m sure my Nonno was reminiscing about the restaurant/deli he and my Nonna owned and operated in Vista, California back during the early 1980s.

Being much more tech savvy than my 88-year-old grandfather, Deidre and I searched for meat slicers on Amazon, showing Nonno videos and giving him the specifications of each slicer option. He was insistent on a slicer that could increase and decrease the thickness of the slice, which is helpful when slicing different types of meat.

We finally picked out a meat slicer and ordered it to be delivered to my apartment. Good thing it was delivered to me too because it was a lot heavier than anything they should lift. And knowing my stubborn Italian grandparents – they would have tried to lift it themselves! I ended up bringing the slicer over to them a few Sundays ago and helped set it up.

The first meat we sliced with our new meat slicer was the prosciutto Nonno cured and had hanging in the garage for several months. After testing a few thickness settings, we settled on one to slice up the prosciutto for the antipasto for Sunday dinner. The slicer was smooth cutting through the meat into the nice slices. I certainly had my fill of the prosciutto that day!

All in all, I was happy to help my Nonno with the process of finding, ordering, and setting up that meat slicer. It’s a fun kitchen gadget that will get plenty of use during all the Sunday dinners and holidays we spend at my Nonna and Nonno’s house.

Whole Prosciutto before Meat SlicerSliced Prosciutto Plate of Sliced Prosciutto

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