We head out tomorrow – another beautiful week in sunny south Florida to visit our families.  Jennas mom, who the kids call Nana Lise, lives in southeast Florida, while my parents, John, and Joan (Nana Joanie and Papa) live in southwest Florida.  The kids have a blast every year and look forward to it with enthusiasm only a three- and five-year-old could demonstrate – We’re sure Grayson will be on that train after this trip.  This year we have a few very special things to look forward to.  Uncle Evan and Aunt Madison just welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Harper, to the world.  Everyone is smitten and we can’t wait to meet her.  Ellie is particularly excited about a girl cousin – she was starting to feel outnumbered in our house.

Most years we split the trip and enjoy trekking across alligator alley through the everglades and get to experience the profound differences between the east and west coast.  I have a hard time deciding if I l like the hustle and bustle of the East coast, or the laid-back atmosphere of west coast.  They are both great, and most of all we feel lucky to be able to experience it all.

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