It is springtime, well, at least this week in the Metro-Boston area and a lot of learning continues to happen in the Weiss household. It starts with Holly, our youngest, learning to take a few steps and now walking within a few short weeks. Then Natalie, our oldest, who figured out how to hug her sister without popping her like a balloon. These are all things we have been preparing for and working on for a while. But not everything goes according to plan.

By now, most people reading this have worked with our firm for quite some time and the common thread is being prepared within someone’s personal financial plan. We don’t know when curveballs will come our way, but we build plans to accommodate change. I am fairly well organized in my personal life (although not perfect, but who really is). However, when dealing with children and no matter the age, things can change very rapidly.

About a month ago our oldest had her tonsils and adenoids out while getting tubes in. I did not have this done to me growing up and since it was ‘common,’ I thought recovery would be pretty straightforward. Eat some cold soft stuff for a few days then back to normal! It wasn’t rainbows and unicorns in our house – but we made the best of the situation. Let’s just say we had plans to be mobile on school vacation that following week and we (mainly Natalie) didn’t do much at all except consume ice cream, watch some TV, and get a few extra naps in. Lesson learned.

Now what is the preparedness paradox. It depends on what definition you look up. But what it means to me is that if you prepare for something and that event actually occurs, you feel that it was preserved to be less severe than others who did not prepare. We don’t know when disaster will strike, big or small, so we always want to be prepared when something happens. This is why our team is always focused on having a solid plan for you with ability to adapt and change because life has a way of throwing curveballs.

Until next time…

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