The Good 

She still loves me: Despite a slow start out of the gate in regard to my (limited) wedding planning responsibilities, we are still on track to tie the knot over Columbus Day weekend in Santa Monica, California. As cheesy and cliché as it sounds, we are ready to drop everything, skip hand-in-hand to town hall for our certificate and happily begin our married life together without the glitz and glamour. But as Alex likes to remind us, “it’s not our wedding, it’s our mothers “.   

Advice from you folks: So many of you have been genuinely interested in the wedding planning and have provided tremendous advice that I greatly appreciate to avoid being dumped before the big day. A few of my favorites: 

  • The correct answer to any wedding related question that Khrista poses is ‘Yes, Dear’. Zero tolerance for ‘you choose’ or ‘I don’t care’. 
  • Bring along an extra pair of dress pants to change into when (not if) my pants rip while dancing. 

The Bad 

Communication: Shockingly, phones seemingly do not work in Southern California. Receiving a call back from hotels for room blocks, florists, caterers, day of planners, photographers & videographers (God forbid one contractor could manage both needs) is like pulling teeth. It often feels as if I return home from the office in Braintree to my second job badgering various Californians by wire.  

The Ugly 

Friends: From the never-ending calls and texts containing truly absurd comments, questions, and concerns, you’d think my buddies have never successfully left their basements. They have botched the most basic instructions, booked incorrect dates, complained about my response times and are completely lost when it comes to an itinerary. The phrase ‘herding cats’ has never been more accurate. Additionally, they all seem to have found plus-ones from out of the woodwork and insist they use my wedding as a first or second date. As the old adage goes: No ring, no bring! 

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