The day has finally come. It is my time to adorn the mantle that my coworkers have done before me – joining the personal article write up rotation. To me, this is one of the final initiations as a member of the Napier Financial team. I am typically not one to drone on and on about myself, however, that is the point for my first article.

Even though my appearance would fool most, I am not Irish. My entire family is Italian with my grandparents immigrating to the US in the mid-1900s. The Italian culture is something I’m grateful for and appreciate in life. I would say being Italian was only half the reason I was hired for the job. The other half being that I graduated from Bentley University. Seems like John has a type.

Being Italian, my whole life has been around family and food which is no surprise that I love to eat and cook. I always enjoy preparing a delicious meal for my fiancé, family, or friends. Whether the meal is homemade pasta, slow cooked carnitas, or various forms of venison hunted by my uncle or Nonno (grandfather). But my weakness is sweets. Anything chocolate I will devour. Thankfully my Nonna (grandmother) passed her secret family chocolate cake recipe to me and sadly for all of you, I will not share it.

You could call me a homegrown person being born and raised in Massachusetts. This also means I’m a Boston sports fan across the board. And yes, I would call myself a spoiled sports fan for growing up during the 6x Super Bowl champion Patriots, 4x World Series champion Red Sox, 1x Finals champion Celtics, and 1x Stanley Cup champion Bruins. One of my earliest sports memories is my uncle rubbing my head for good luck before Adam Vinatieri lined up for his Super Bowl-winning field goal against the Rams. As we all know, it worked.

Another interesting fact is that I played rugby in high school and college. Rugby is a great sport that has a place for every athlete. What appealed to me most as an offensive lineman in football was the ability to carry the ball and score. In college, rugby offered more than playing the sport – it was the team and camaraderie of it. I appreciated my time with rugby, along with the friendships and memories it brought about.

So that is a rough outline of myself and a few of my interests. Please reach out or mention at our next meeting any recipes you love or restaurants you recommend or even just to say hi! I truly look forward to assisting you all in some capacity if I have not already met and helped you!

By Dante Coppola Financial Planner CFP® Read More