Another January 1st has come and gone which marks a fresh start to another year. 2022 had some of the highest highs in the Weiss household, but it was unfortunately matched with some pretty harsh lows. Having such a large immediate and extended family comes with pros and cons. On the bright side, you get to share many amazing moments with so many people that make you feel so loved, but also (with the law of numbers) unfortunate events seem to come up every so often.

Last year we brought our 2nd daughter into the world – Holly. She has been a happy and very smiley addition to each day. Her older sister Natalie has welcomed her into the home while only trying to ‘tap’ her baby sister on the head multiple times per day. Additionally, after a few COVID delays, my youngest brother got married… and we just found out that he is going to be having his first child in 2023! Hard not to get excited from these events.

My 2023 goals are to make sure I am present. With the usage of technology in my personal and professional life it is very easy to get distracted by a ping or text coming on any of the multiple items I carry with me. What I have already noticed by being more present is that I can enjoy the moment a little more – appreciate all the small things in life – and then devote time and energy with more purpose. While this is a simple item, it seems to have helped significantly already.

The lows of 2022 are the reason I wanted to set a personal goal for myself this year. Those continued reminders to live each day and not take the little things for granted do not get gut checks often – and this year many of them came within a 6-week period for us. We lost two aunts and a stepbrother in that period of time.

Have you made any person goals for 2023? Any time is a good reason to make improvements in your life. So why not make it now while change is in the air?

Until next time…

The Weiss Family enjoying New Year’s Eve fireworks.
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