Have you ever caught yourself thinking, ‘if I just had that _______, life would be so much better/easier/enjoyable/fulfilling?’ However, no matter the magnitude of desire & hope, it seems we are quickly let down with how the ________ affects our day-to-day. 2022 was the perfect example of these thoughts; I checked off a couple boxes that I had dreamt of doing as a child. News flash: they weren’t that great…

Not exaggerating, I estimate I’ve spent tens & tens of hours as a kid throughout the years dreaming of my ideal basement (pre-man cave terminology). In my dreams, this room was very unique, open, with a big TV as a centerpiece. But more crucial than anything else, not only did I have one video game system, I had a second system with different controllers & wires that allowed me to play any game in existence. I knew this dream was unattainable as a kid given the wisdom of my parents, but I prayed that at some point I would be in a position to make this happen.

Fast forward twenty years, now that COVID restrictions are generally lifted, my game system does nothing more than collect dust. However, while I perused eBay a few months ago, I found a deal too good to be true for the new Playstation console and became the proud owner of a second system. Since the unboxing, it’s been turned on twice; once just to make sure it worked upon initial installation.

It wasn’t more than a few days later that it dawned on me; I was living my childhood dream. Residing in Boston within a truly unique apartment with cool exposed beams, sunlight, a big TV, and two—count ‘em, TWO game systems. Ten-year-old me would’ve given up a limb just to know I achieved a feat such as this. The (nearly) thirty-year-old me was shaking my head for such a stupid purchase.

The ever-enlightening morals of the story:

  • The dreams & priorities of a ten-year-old are gravely flawed.
  • Be mindful of personal achievements as life unfolds. As misguided as some may be, even on the darkest of days, the teenage you is amazed with what you’ve been able to accomplish.
By Thomas Schulte CFP® Director of Financial Planning Read More