I’m sure all of you are getting tired and bored of us constantly talking about our weddings by now. However, it is one of my biggest life events (so far) and has taken up a lot of my time and planning in the last nine months. So, here’s another, slightly different, article about planning for my wedding.

Deidre and I began our wedding planning off very strongly – researching and speaking with vendors before promptly deciding on our venue and date, then photographer and florist shortly after. We quickly ruled out having a live band after seeing the prices and opted for a DJ. With very little stress, we had booked most of our major vendors within four months of us getting engaged. We are both planners if you can’t already tell.

Everything was going well until about two months ago, when we received an email from our photographer with the subject line “Wedding Photos Update – EXCITING NEWS.”  Deidre somehow knew instantly that this was a pregnancy announcement. Sure enough, she was right; not only is our photographer pregnant, but she’s due a week before our wedding date. Of course, we were happy for her and her family, but we also wondered how this would impact our wedding. We were so excited to work with her – we love her photography and editing style, and we clicked right away when we met. We loved working with her for our engagement photos this past fall; the photo above is one of our favorites.

Thankfully, our photographer handled the situation with the utmost professionalism. The “Exciting News” email featured a contingency plan, in which the second shooter she had scheduled would step in as lead, and another photographer would be brought in to assist. She also promised that she would be the one to edit our photos, and we could even send her some items, like invitations and programs, for her to photograph early. We appreciate her preparedness, and her willingness to help us in any way even if she can’t be there. All this just reaffirmed that we made the right decision to book her in the first place.

Overall, the news caused us some stress and a little bit of panic before accepting the revised plan. We are still excited to have her as our photographer and cannot wait to see how our wedding photos turn out!

By Dante Coppola Financial Planner CFP® Read More