The day has finally come and gone, culminating with my marriage to my beautiful (now) wife, Deidre. We could not have asked for a better ceremony and reception for our wedding. It was an amazing day on which we got to express our love for one another in front of all our family and close friends. We are so pleased at how everything turned out: from Deidre’s gorgeous dress to the beautiful floras, to the photos, to our choregraphed first dance. However, the star of the show (besides Deidre and I, of course) was the food and entertainment.

We were once told that the only things wedding guests would remember are the quality and quantity of the food, the constant flow of alcohol, and the party afterwards. All our guests were raving about how delicious the food was, how great the DJ and MC handled the entertainment (everyone had a blast dancing), and no one could complain about an open bar that serves shots! In preparation for the sheer amount of food at the wedding, we forewarned our Boston guests about Long Island/NY weddings’ cocktail hour with appetizers followed by a multi-course full dinner. One seasoned wedding veteran proclaimed, “this is the most well-fed I’ve ever been at a wedding” with another guest stating, “that was one of, if not, the best wedding I’ve been to.”

It felt fantastic hearing how much fun and what a great time our guests had at our wedding. Made the months of planning and stressing even more worth it in the end. But as much as I would like to take credit for the amazing experience our guests had at our wedding reception, the venue and staff are the ones responsible for the incredible evening. In the end, my only regret was that I did not have the time to enjoy more of the amazing food I chose!

Our wedding was the best we could have asked for to kick off the next chapter of our lives together. We were ecstatic to celebrate with our family and friends. While we eagerly wait for the photographers previews, here are some of the best pictures taken throughout our special day!


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