I did it! I have climbed the mountain and achieved the pinnacle of my profession. I’m referring to me acquiring the Certified Financial Planner™ designation, of course. My CFP® path took almost four months of intense studying, two whole years of educational courses, course exams, and a comprehensive project, but I finally passed the CFP exam in July and am formally appointed as Certified Financial Planner.

This has been a milestone achievement for my career, and I owe it to the support from my fiancée, family, friends, and coworkers. Even though I was unsure of exactly when in my career I would begin the path towards the CFP, my desire to eventually achieve the designation was always present. The reason I was adamant in receiving the CFP designation is because of the high standards and great respect that would come with it. Adorning the title of Certified Financial Planner indicates to everyone my dedication to clients and the financial planning profession. I’m glad I was able to achieve the CFP this early on in my career, with the help of a great firm.

After all the time and effort put into studying, the reward of passing the exam was well worth the sacrifice. But I will tell you, those thirty seconds when the computer is calculating your score after taking a grueling six-hour exam truly felt like a lifetime. I am just grateful the next page printed that amazing four-letter word every person taking the exam wanted to see – ‘pass’. Joy and relief were my immediate emotions. Passing the CFP exam on the first attempt is an accolade I will proudly tout.

Now that my CFP process is complete, I will continue to deliver the excellent service and quality financial planning that we at Napier Financial are known for.

By Dante Coppola Financial Planner CFP® Read More