As you read this article, I am still trying to work off all the salt and butter I consumed over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This year, Ashley, Natalie, Holly, and I made the trek up to New Hampshire to enjoy a long weekend with Ashley’s extended family. That meant that we all had to pack our bags, all the toys/games, and bring all the food for our Thanksgiving Day feast. We all arrived at the house on Wednesday after lunch . We poured some good wine and finalized the details on our feast the next day. Everything was GREAT until the next morning….

After the first pot of coffee was made, someone noticed the turkey was frozen! How did this happen you may be asking.– Upon investigation, we realized the garage and the ‘refrigerator’ in the garage were both very cold and would have frozen anything, including our large bird. Although the turkey was previously thawed that week – it was not ready to cook first thing that morning. So, we did what anyone else would do in that situation… we went to the internet. We found a quick (and safe) method to thaw the turkey, but we would not have had dinner until late that night.

Since we were away and unfamiliar with the area, someone suggested to search Craigslist for one. While it was originally a joke, it was kept on the possible back up plan list for a while. It was about a half hour into the ordeal when the best idea came to someone’s head which was to call a few local grocery stores. Sure enough, two were open and they had fresh turkeys!

Ashley and her cousin went to store #1 only to find that they had a gas leak and could not enter. So straight to back up plan #2 At the second store, they were able to find a fresh turkey that was big enough to feed the whole family. While skipping over some details, we successfully had our feast around 1:30 that afternoon! Turkey was cooked, the mashed potatoes were hot, and everyone was happy.

The highlight of Thanksgiving 2022 was that my oldest daughter Natalie and I enjoyed a turkey leg together. She could not come to grips with the fact I could hold up the turkey leg and take a bite without having to use my fork and knife! It was a magical moment.

We hope everyone had a plentiful and relaxing Thanksgiving. Until next time…

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