October is one of the busiest months of the year for our family as we have almost a dozen birthdays to celebrate. And this year, we decided to pack in a few more celebrations because we wanted to really make sure we had cake, ice cream and cookies every day in October without looking for an excuse.

This past weekend we celebrated our now 6+ month old, Holly, (I know – hard to imagine – felt like she was born yesterday) get baptized at the local church. It was a beautiful day, and we got some really nice and also come pretty funny pictures. Since it always comes back to food for us, we rolled the dice and decided to get a pick-up catering order from the new Italian place down the street from us. This was a small family party for us, so only 35 +/- people. They have officially been open for 3 weeks and when I called to put in the order, they were scrambling to figure out exactly what to do. We got the classics: chicken parm, eggplant rollatini, chicken broccoli, and Caesar salad. We did prepare vegetables and appetizers (it wasn’t truly just all carbs and cheese!). What I didn’t realize is that we were the first catering order! I found this out when they called me towards the end of the party to see how all the food was and the thanked us for being the first! If you live near Westwood, it is worth checking out. It is called Neroli (www.neroliItalian.com) and the market/deli is now open with the restaurant coming later this fall.

Because we didn’t have enough going on with this party, my youngest brother (Uncle Nate) and his wife are expecting a baby early next year – and they decided to do a gender reveal at our house the day prior. We didn’t set the woods on fire or go viral on YouTube which meant it was a success. We dug into pints of ice cream and the middle was pink! This was a creation of a local ice cream place called Bertie’s (bertiescreativecreamery.com) – another wonderful local place to support if you live near Westwood. It was very exciting to find out that we will have another girl in the family! And now all of Holly and Natalie’s clothing and other stuff will have a nice place to call home when they outgrow it.

With another few weeks of parties in my future we will continue to eat cake, cookies, and ice cream while trying to find the time to work it off.

Until next time…

Holly is all smiles with grandfather Paul
The Weiss Family at Holly’s Christening, October 2022
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