Sometimes you must throw caution to the wind, release your inhibitions, and let the devil on your shoulder grab the reins for a moment.  We have all been there, and most of us have great stories to share because of it.  As young parents that tends to take on a more docile meaning than it had a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean it has to be less memorable.  About a month ago, my wife Jenna and I booked a trip to Disney World with our three children, Ellie, Jack, and Grayson.  We are going at the end of April for five nights and will be there for Jack’s 3rd and Ellie’s 5th birthday.  This should be one to remember!

The blogs and tour books are filled with “must do” experiences, and I admit, I don’t want to leave any off our itinerary.  Meals with characters, Princess hair and makeup while in costume in Cinderella’s castle, restaurants that offer unique and fun dining experiences… the list goes on, trust me!  How are we supposed to pass on any of it?!?

By now you have probably figured out the title of this note was a bit of an embellishment.  Now that I have you on the hook, I’ll admit the truth.  This trip will not fit neatly into our vacation budget. In fact, I’m convinced the only thing better at blowing a budget than a family trip to Disney is the U.S. Government.  They’re back-to-back-to-back champs in that department (we will be forced to hear more on that over the next couple months.)  Life, however, is not lived on a balance sheet or an expense budget.  I realize how obvious it sounds, but inside our office walls I sometimes lose sight of that despite our team encouraging people’s hobbies, passions, and extracurricular activities.  Jenna and I know we are a bit cuckoo to take a 10-month-old to Disney.  Grayson will not remember it, but the older two will experience the Disney magic in its truest form and make memories that last a lifetime. We can’t wait to see the sincere joy and excitement it brings them.

As we prepare for our trip we would love to hear about your experiences, favorite memories, and any recommendations.

By Robert Napolitano Managing Partner - GenWel Capital Read More