Ashley and I had the joy of being able to go on a date without our two kids this past Wednesday. We have been trying to get to a specific restaurant for over two years, but reservations were hard to come by and our time was limited to be able to sneak out. Alas – we made the trek to Somerville to a place called…

Sarma. It is a Mediterranean tapas restaurant with a cool and funky vibe. We heard parking would be a challenge, which I think it normally would be, but as we pulled up near the restaurant, we found a street parking spot not more than 100 feet from the front door. Pretty awesome. When we walked in the restaurant, on a Wednesday in August, we thought it wouldn’t be that busy, but it happened to be jamming! That is usually a good sign… right?

We were a little early for our reservation and thought to just grab a drink at the bar. As soon as that thought came through my brain two people stood up right in front of us and we were able to sit down in their place. Again, pretty awesome. We are off to a great start, but can our luck continue!?

After grabbing a drink and enjoying our seat in the middle of the bar with a clear view into the kitchen (optimal for me), we asked if we could just eat dinner right here. With a quick and prompt yes, I wondered to myself why we waited so long to make a reservation when we could have just eaten at the bar… oh well!

How does one order cool and funky Mediterranean tapas… first you ask the bartender what to get and follow his or her lead – and we did just that. As the food started to come out, we enjoyed a wave of different dishes and each one was better than the next. What was our favorite? Depends who you ask: the avocado muhummara, harissa bbq duck, and the black sea cornbread made it to the top of my list.

The best thing I ever ate is a pretty high bar and I always ask myself ‘was it just the food that made it great? Or was it all the little things and the moment that added to the experience.’ We have all had those meals that just hit differently and this is near the top of that list for us. If you have time to head to Sarma, do it, it is worth the wait. If you also have a restaurant to share with me for the next date night, please do, we are always looking to try new and great places.

Until next time…

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